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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well, I was laid off a couple days ago. In this blog I will document my job search. Coincidentally it's been three years to the day that I arrived in Boston as a recent college graduate in search for a job. After about 6 months as a temp I landed a job in the Environmental Health and Safety department of a local R+D firm. Sadly, after 2.5 years on the job I was laid off due to "a reduction in work force." So it goes.

I'm looking for a position as an environmental analyst in either a government or consulting setting. I've begun by searching through the typical sites: BostonWorks, Monster and Craig's List. I've found about a half dozen job I think I may apply for. Next I'll try my trusty list of environmental firms in the Boston area to see if anyone is hiring but not listing the openings on these sites. In addition, I'll be contacting all of my colleagues in an attempt to network my way to a job interview. I believe that every job except my first, as fry guy at Steak and Shake, was found though a connection of mine.

Away I go!


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